Messenger: On Delivery (Live)

by Messenger

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released July 1, 2010

Executive Producer: Paul Lofthus
Master's Records



all rights reserved


Messenger Washington D.C., D.C.

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Track Name: King of Kings (Extended)
King of Kings

V1. The Lord will return full of life, with the sword of His mouth

He rides the skies on a horse of white, smiting nations north and south

They will see Him that pierced His side, and rejected His love.

Jesus Christ whom they crucified, justifies men by His blood


And His vesture dipped in blood He is the Lamb who bore the cross

He is the mighty King of Kings. The war shall not be lost

V2. Jesus Christ, whose blood was shed, for the sins of the world,

is resurrected from the dead. Now His banner is unfurled.

Satan’s armies will gather then, to battle the Lord.

Evil men with hearts full of sin shall be slain by His sword





And though He returns with wrath and power, you can be right with Him

Just bow before the Lord this hour, and turn from your sin! He’ll forgive your sin!!
Track Name: Chained

Chained within this unreal world of rock ‘n’ roll fantasy
The struggle goes on, what’s right - what’s wrong, confusion inside of me
I put on my mask, I strut my stuff. I’m never really there.
And people get hurt by the things I do, I never really care

Rock ‘n’ roll was my way of life. Rock ‘n’ roll was my dream
Rock ‘n’ roll had destroyed my life. Things just aren’t what they seem

Chained, chained it just wouldn’t let me go
Chained, chained somebody holds the key
Chained, chained somebody has to know
Chained, chained somebody rescue me

V2. “There’s new life in the Spirit if Christ”, a friend of mine said to me
“New life begins when you turn from your sins & the blood of Christ makes you free”
I got on my knees and I cried to God,” Will you save me Lord?”
Then I saw what I’d never seen I never knew I could afford

(Bridge) (Chorus)

V3. There in the quiet, in the dark, God’s Spirit helped me see
The evil things that I had done - I could blame nobody but me
I searched my heart, I searched my mind. Oh God please make me clean!
I got a new start I’m no longer blind I understand now what He means

(Bridge) (Lead Guitar) (Chorus)
Track Name: Fear No Evil
Fear No Evil

V.1 - Walking in the city streets at night,
it’s enough to give me a streak of fright
To think somebody might come at me
with a gun or a knife spill my blood and flee
Why should I fear? The Lord is near. I have His might.
And I stand for the right.

I will fear no evil for the Lord is with me
And in His hands I will always be
It is by faith I can truly see
I will fear no evil, for the Lord is with me

V.2 – When I think that I’ve made an enemy
and he wants to make life hard for me
Or a, demon spirit comes around
casting doubts and fears without a sound
Why should I fear? The Lord is near. I have His might.
And I stand for the right.
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Though my enemies compass me about
I’ll have no fear for the Lord gives me rest
And in His closeness I’ll have no doubt!
Guitar Solo Chorus
Track Name: Wallowing in the Mire
Wallowing in the Mire

Another day the shadows wake me, the sunlight pierced through my eyes

Is this the day the pain will take me and when it does it’s no surprise

I find my deeds bring destruction, unraveling all that I love

An evil day, will someone wake me, will someone take me, will someone SHAKE ME?!


I’m wallowing in the mire; I’m rolling in the mud.

I’m sinking deeper everyday; don’t tell me about a cleansing flood.


V2. I found a way to hide my sins; from God, from people, even me

My friends away - it’s me who wins, and no one else will ever see

I love this sin, but hate the shame. This back and forth may drive me mad

I get my way; I keep my sins, tell me who wins, does Christ’s blood cleanse?!


I love these feelings and I want some more

And feelings, too, I’m trying to ignore

The kind of filth a shower cannot clean

Guilt and shame that gets down in between

My flesh and heart & soul – Can I be free?

What is it that those Christians said to me?

(Chorus) (Guitar Solo) (Chorus)
Track Name: Let My People Go
Let My People Go

V.1 - You hold them in bondage you keep them as slaves
You’ll stagger drunk tomorrow but you’re rock stars today
Your fan spread the word for you and you band sounds in their heads
You ask for their love but their money you want instead
They worship you as gods and they follow in your ways
They’ve learned your evil words and rebels they became. And I say to you
Let my people go. Let my people go. Let my people go

V.2 - You sit behind your big oak desk with ‘Producer’ on your door
You sign their names as if in blood and continue to ask for more
With dollar signs in your eyes you push them, drive them hard
You become the thing they sing against,
And that’s what makes them stars
And the Lord spake unto Moses “Go in unto Pharaoh and say unto him,
‘Thus saith the Lord, ‘Let my people that they may serve me.”

V.3 – You draw them in with sugar and them you give them salt
You say you know what life is for but devil I know that’s not all
They follow you blindly from behind the gates of hell
I’m knocking at that door Jesus said it can’t prevail
And I’m telling you – devil!
Chorus (Repeat a cappella)
Track Name: Bright & Morning Star
Bright and Morning Star

Though I’m in a crowd of people, I still feel all alone

Though I seem to have so many friends, I still feel I’m on my own

Though I try to do what I think should be done

I look at myself and my life’s on a shelf and I feel there’s no answer but one

V. 2 My anger builds from deep within me, I don’t know who to blame

I remember my life as a child, will I ever be same

Will I ever see a way to be free, free from this pain?

I walk in the dark I just need a spark. Jesus Christ, He’s the hope that remains


He’s my Bright and Morning Star. He’s my Light and my Salvation

Everyone’s best dream by far. He’s the hope of all creation

He’s the Rock on which I stand. Jesus Christ knows who I am

(Lead Guitar)

V. 3 When I call He answers me,” Here I am my child.

Do not fear ‘cuz I will be with you all the while.

I’ll be here so do not fear, I died to make men free

Removing your pain and sin’s ugly stain, so that you could be here with me

Track Name: The Risen Christ
I’m John on the Isle of Patmos, I was exiled here
I’ve lived in the sufferings of my Lord and He knows every tear
I walked with Him and I heard his words and I know what He said
He’s the Son of God; He’s the Lord of Life who rose from the dead
V 2.
They mocked Him, they smacked Him, they pulled out His beard
They laughed at Him as He spoke the truth. ‘Crucify Him’ they sneered.
They slashed His back, crowned His head with thorns. They nailed Him to the tree.
And though He died, He was raised again like He said He would be.
He is the Risen Christ, who carried paradise to be with Him on high, Him who is glorified.
He’s the Lord, He is God Almighty Jesus. He’s the Lord, He is God Almighty Jesus.

V3.I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day when it came to pass
Said a voice behind me ‘I am Alpha & Omega, the First & the Last’
I turned to see who spoke to me with a voice like the sea.
With eyes of fire, shining like the sun, I knew he must be,

Chorus - Bridge

I didn’t know when I’d see Him again, when I saw Him I knew right then.
This was God the Creator of man. I fell to my face I could no longer stand

Solo - Chorus
Track Name: Rulemaker

Pharisees and Sadducees made rules that burden men
Christian leaders do it still today
Christ had come to chastise some and show the love of God.
Those leaders heard Him say

Rule Maker – You love the role you play
You Faker – Ignoring your own sin
Soul Breaker – You stand in heaven’s doorway
You don’t enter and you won’t let me in

Time will tell as hearts will fail when fear overcomes men
Did our leaders tell us what is true?
Christ has said ‘Now do not dread. I’ve overcome the world.
Or will they just blame you
Am I going to hell? Tell me can you tell?

I followed all your rules. Now you look like fools!
Solo Chorus
Track Name: So Good (Extended)
Oh the Lord is so good!
Track Name: The Rapture (Extended)
The Rapture

V1. When one is taken and the other is left,

- One sees Jesus and the other fears death

Chaos on one side, joy on the other - One is with Him one could’ve been a brother

Hear Jesus call with a clear loud voice,

Calling them that made the Lord their choice

Leaving the lost & taking the atoned, calling His bride and taking her home


What a great day that will be – The great day of the Lord

What a great day that will be - The terrible day of the Lord

Woe to the world in the Rapture

Woe to the world in the Rapture

V2. Life is a choice between two roads.

You’re gonna choose the way you go

One way is narrow and the other is wide.

One leads to satan and the other to Christ

God promised joy in His presence.

Once you’re in Hell it’s too late for repentance

Jesus promised a mansion in Heaven. Take the narrow road!!

Chorus Bass Solo Chorus

Track Name: Don't Shoot the Messenger
Don’t Shoot the Messenger

V. 1
The prophets of old ---- Spoke the Word, - Convincing men of sin
The kings were told ---- You’d better turn, - or face the fix you’re in

And when they didn’t like what they heard – they turned an evil eye!
And when they killed ---- The man of God, - They heard the prophet’s cry

In Him there is blessing and liberty. Forgiveness is His way

In Him there’s a ransom for you and me, new life everyday


Don’t shoot the messenger; you know I bring good news
If you feel the fear of God, You know what you must choose
Don’t shoot the messenger (or – We are the Messenger), my message - don’t refuse

Just embrace the love of God, there’s nothing you can lose

V. 2
When Christ was killed ----- Then raised again, The Holy Ghost came down

Disciples turned ----- Apostles then, - about to gain their crown

And when they shared what the Lord had done – they knew they could die

Those that killed ---- the martyrs heard, - the bold apostles’ cry

(Bridge) (Chorus)

V. 3 You & I ---- In this room, - ask ourselves today

Will we hear ---- Or face our doom, - C’mon what do you say?

And when you don’t like what you hear – don’t turn an evil eye

Just believe ---- the man of God, - Messenger will cry

(Bridge) (Chorus) (Solo) (Chorus)